Month-To-Month Trades Results Summary

On this page, you will find a complete accounting of every trade that has been given out and taken as well as the results. This page is meant for a brief summation of the trades that have been recommended through this site and is not meant to be used a guide to what kind of performance that can be expected. Past results are not indicative of future performance. We strive to be as accurate and transparent as possible with our reporting.

To see every trade, please see: Public Trade Tracking Sheet

*NOTE: Although the Pips Profits are accurate, the actual profits are estimated based on trading using the following parameters:

  • Assuming 1 FULL LOT per position
  • Each trade follows my trading methodology of opening a minimum of 4 FULL LOTS per trade
  • We are using $10 per pip as the AVERAGE dollar value per pip lost/gained. Bear in mind that each trading instrument will have its own pip value and not all are $10 per pip


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