Welcome to our Public Trade Tracking Sheet! This page is meant to document and display a complete summary of all our COMPLETED trades and the trade results that were given out to our paid members through our subscriptions. The results are based on those trades and are our own ACTUAL trades that we took and the profits (losses) that we incurred. Therefore, the profits made were based on using our personal trading methodology and based on our own risk tolerance and trading plan. The results of any person using our trade recommendations may vary as we cannot control how our trade recommendations are used and how each person manages his/her own trades.


*NOTE: This “All Trades Summaries” page will be updated once monthly at the end of each month



Due to the width of the sheet, the full sheet cannot be displayed here. There is also not any “slider” to enable you to easily move the sheet left and right to view all the data. You can however just highlight some data or the data you want to see and move to the right or left while holding down your left mouse button. That way, you can move the sheet left and right. Alternatively, you can just visit this link:

Public Trade Tracking Sheet

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