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You are subscribing to our BOGO Buy one month, get one month free sale. For this Indices Trader’s Package, you only pay $99.99 (Regular price $199.99/month) when you subscribe. You will get your second month FREE! After your second month with us, you will be auto-renewed at the regular subscription price of only $199.99/month. At anytime during your first 2 months, you can cancel and you will not be charged any further.

Indices Traders Package

Our Index Trader’s Package is for those that trade the major stock indexes. Trading the major stock indexes is not for the feint of heart or those that don’t have the stomach to withstand large swings and drawdowns. It isn’t for the amateur traders or those that are just “dabbling” in trading. If you have been trading the indexes, unless you have been consistently profitable (in which case you probably wouldn’t be here reading this!) then you know that it isn’t easy. Well, it isn’t easy for us either but we are consistently profitable and in fact, so far , we have been WILDLY successful!

This package currently covers the following markets*:

  • US Dollar Index (DXY)
  • S&P 500 (SPX)
  • Dow Jones Industrial (DJI)
  • FTSE (UKX)
  • German DAX (DAX)
  • Nikkei (NI225)

*More markets could be added later

What you get with this package:

*Trading indexes inherently carries very high risk due to higher volatility. Trading indexes requires a higher level of skill and also higher margin requirements. Risk of loss and account wipeout¬† is greater as is the possibility of margin calls. However, on average, much greater gains are possible. Please use the proper amount of caution when trading indexes. We recommend to trade indexes using CFD’s and ETF’s instead of straight contracts.


  • Professional & Thorough Analysis Of (Currently) covered indexes
  • REAL-TIME Trade Recommendations & Updates
  • Trade Analysis & Updates
  • Nightly Updates on active trading days (M-Th)
  • Members-Only Daily Updates
  • Members-Only Chat Rooms
  • Direct Access To Professional Traders & Trading Advice
  • Dedicated Support

The regular monthly subscription cost is $199.99.

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