I'll be honest here.....I've been GROSSLY incorrect on this pair! I've been looking for this pair to decelerate and reverse in a correction but instead, it has just continued it's impressive advance. So now, I am again going to re-visit my OVERALL outlook on this pair and see where it's at WAVE COUNT My wave count on this pair in the MONTHLY/YEARLY chart has not changed. Right now, it is still in it's wave (3) up but it should be in it's wave (V) of (3) which means that it should be coming to an end soon. Since this is a MONTHLY chart, the term "soon" is relative to this time frame. PATTERNS As before, the dominant pattern that is overriding all others in all TF's is this large bat pattern in which prices are relentlessly heading towards filling. Now, I don't think that pries are going to get there straight away but rather that there will probably some retrace before a final push up.