Our NEW 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Subscribe To Our Service And We GUARANTEE You Will MAKE MONEY!

That’s right! No other service of this kind that we know of makes this kind of guarantee! That is how CONFIDENT we are in what we do! We are willing to put our money where our mouths are when we say that if you follow our analysis and our trade recommendations, YOU WILL MAKE MONEY!

Why can we make such a guarantee? Because we KNOW what we do and how we do it is profitable. Want some proof? We don’t hide anything because we don’t have to! We pride ourselves in being straightforward and honest. Yes, we take losses. We have no reason to hide that fact as nowhere will we promise outrageous promises like 90% winning rate! Or 2000% returns. Or you can make a million dollars in a year! No, we don’t make promises like that of any kind. All that we will do is guarantee that you CAN make money with us if you do as we do.

Our Past Performance….

Yes, of course. Past performance should NEVER be taken as any promise of future returns….but you still need to know that we DO make money…

2015 Profits:  +2,489 Pips*

2016 Profits:  +28,842 Pips

2017 Profits:  +20,456 Pips

Sure, what you are seeing is just numbers on a page and alone mean nothing. So we invite you to visit our Trade Tracking page where EVERY TRADE WE HAVE TAKEN AND ISSUED has been recorded along with the trade results. We show it all. All losses as well as wins. You can also check out our Trade Results Summary & Analysis page if you just want an overview of our trade performance over the years.

So here’s how the guarantee works:

You must subscribe for at least 2 months in order to take advantage of this guarantee. Why 2 months? Because our trading method is not a short term, small profits system. We aim for LARGE profits on every trade! And that takes TIME and PATIENCE. Part of why DISCIPLINED traders are so successful in making money trading while over 90% LOSE MONEY! If you don’t want to be part of that 90% and give away your hard earned money to traders like myself who consistently win, then PATIENCE is a MUST! So because our trades take some time to show results, one month is not enough time. That is why we require 2 months in order for you to see the results of being PATIENT!

So at the end of a 2 month (60 days)  period starting from the day you subscribe (not calendar months), if at the end of that period the trades that I have issued do not show profit of at least GREATER than the subscription fees you paid for that 2 months period, we will happily refund 100% of the fees you paid for those 2 months! So it cost you NOTHING! Zip! Zilch! Nada! to have used our service for those 2 months! It will have cost you nothing! But on the other hand, if you followed us for those 2 months and you made money, wouldn’t that be a good thing? I don’t know of any service of this kind that is willing to offer this kind of guarantee! Not legitimate ones anyway!

So What Are You Waiting For? Make Money With Us….Or Pay Us NOTHING!

The fine details…..

Most will make these little details so small that you need a magnifying glass to read it and they will make it SO complicated that you need a lawyer to explain it to you. We won’t insult you like that! So….here you go…..

You must remain subscribed for a continuous period of at least 2 months in order to take advantage of this guarantee. If at the end of the 2 months cycle (60 days) from the day your subscription begins, if the trades that are given during that period of time do not show a profit of at least the amount of what you paid for the 2 months, then you may request your money back and decide whether you wish to remain a subscriber or unsubscribe. Either way, you can get 100% of your fees returned. The amount of profits based on the issued trades will be calculated based on 1 FULL contract per trade regardless of what lot size you actually trade. Trade profits are purely based on the trades we officially issue through our member’s portals only and not on any trades placed or posted anywhere else. 

Although we use (and calculate) profits based on our proprietary trading methodology of opening 4 contracts per trade, the profits calculations for the purposes of this guarantee will be based on straight pips profits per trade and not based on the system profits calculations. 


If we open a trade in USDJPY and it moves 100 pips, then our actual profits based on our system trade would be 400 pips profit. 

4 contracts x 100 pips move = +400 pips profit

But for the purposes of calculating profits for the guarantee, we would only use the 100 pips move as the profit. 

If in the first 2 months you are subscribed, our trades do make profits for you, then this Trade Profits Guarantee will no longer apply to you and is not a running guarantee should you continue and remain a subscriber.  If in the first 2 months, we do not show a profit for your 60 day cycle and you decide to remain a subscriber, you must still pay the subscription costs to remain a subscriber however, the 2 months Guarantee will apply to your next 2 months as well. 

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