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Let’s face it. Trading is hard. Even the best professional traders have a hard time to even be consistently profitable. And they have years of experience and all the professional level tools to work with. So if even if they struggle, what chance do you have? We at EFXSelect have at our disposal decades of trading experience to draw on and access to the best tools available currently to be  able to determine with consistency the best trades! Why not put us to work for you?

Over 16+ Forex Pairs!*

Constant monitoring of over 10 of the most popularly traded pairs in forex. We watch them so you don’t miss out on a good trading opportunity!

Analytics & Charts

We’re not only about trading signals. We give you analytics and charts on our trades so you can decide for yourself if you want to take the trade. Not just blindly follow everything we do. Yes, even we can be wrong!

Education. Not Just Trades.

At EFXSelect, we strive to HELP you to learn to trade for yourself. Not just give you signals. We believe “to give a man a fish is to feed him for one day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for life”!

Does Any Of This Sound Familiar?

  • You are suffering loss after loss and can’t seem to get it right!
  • You always seem to get out of a trade just before it takes off!
  • You always seem to just get in to a trade and it goes the other way!
  • Even when you get into profit, you get out and it continues moving!
  • You always seem to get stopped out!
  • You always seem to take one step forward and then 2 steps back!
  • You’ve blown through several accounts.
  • You can’t seem to ever consistently make money.
  • You see the trade but just can’t seem to “pull the trigger”.

And the list just keeps going on and on! There are so many reasons for losing in trading but it seems like the answers to becoming profitable are just within reach! This is the “trader’s trap” that losing traders keep falling in to! Are you a victim?

How We Can Help

  • REAL-TIME trade signals – not delayed. no pre-set release time. So you can get the best entry price possible
  • Not a “copy & trade” service – Our aim is to help you learn to trade. Not trade for you. 
  • Live chat support – Questions about trades and signals are answered live as the trade is executed and while it is in play
  • Team trading – You aren’t trading alone. You are trading with a team of like-minded traders who can lend support to you as you trade
  • Charts & Analysis – You get the most up-to-date charts and analysis on the trades as well as upcoming potential trades so you can learn from them and prepare yourself for the trade when it happens
  • Professional trading advice – Need help with your overall trading skills? Direct live access to professional trader with 25+ years of experience.

Our interest is to help you grow as a trader and advance your skills. Not just to give you trading signals and keep you relying on us to to make money. Stay with us as long as you need to but trade on your own as you gain confidence in your own skills!


The Basic Package is for those that don’t require “handholding” and can trade on their own. But also for those that are new and just getting started. Also for those that just want to “get their feet wet” and need a little advice can also benefit from this package. With this package, you get coverage on the 6 MAJOR Forex pairs* and also NZDUSD. That’s trading signals and advice on 7 pairs.


1. Professional & Thorough Analysis Of Basic Covered Pairs2. REAL-TIME Trade Recommendations3. Trade Analysis4. Trade Updates5. Members-Only Daily Updates6. Members-Only Chat Rooms7. Direct Access To Professional Traders & Trading Advice



The “Premium Package” is for those more advanced traders as well as for those traders who are new to forex but want to learn to trade! First, you get coverage on ALL the forex pairs we normally cover* PLUS you get priority support on our trades and you also get top-notched trading advice and tactics! This is the package you want if you are REALLY looking to step it up!1. Professional &


1. Professional & Thorough Analysis Of ALL Covered Pairs2. REAL-TIME Trade Recommendations3. Professional Trade Analysis & Charts4. Trade Updates5. Members-Only Daily Updates6. Premium Members-Only Chat Rooms7. Twice daily market updates8. Direct Access To Professional Traders & Trading Advice

Join us and our happy members and earn while you learn!


Trading forex is highly risky. Before you decide to trade, please be sure you understand fully the risks involved. The risk of losing all your capital is real. As such, you should never trade with money you cannot readily afford to lose without it impacting your life and the lives of others who depend on you and your income. Trading forex is NOT a path out of poverty and should not be seen as such. Past performance does not guarantee any future returns. Regardless of any track record, no inference should be made that there will be future positive results.

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